Year Objectives Associated Activities

















1.Analysis of the behavior of Romanian investors in private pensions and life insurances, through statistic survey, considering the behavioral factors. Introduction of an Insurance Literacy Index – continues from 2016.


1.1.Construction and applying the methodology for computing the Insurance Literacy Index for Romania.
1.2.Regional modelling of the influence of standard of living and educational level over the life insurances /pensions using the spatial econometrics.


2.Evaluating the specificities and the potential of life insurance and pension markets at county level. 2.1. Comparative analysis of the demand for life insurances And private pensions using the econometrics of qualitative variables.
2.2. Identifying the types of participants to life insurance and pension programs in Romania and aggregation of the results obtained in previous phases of the research.
2.3. Identifying the potential directions for development for life insurance programs in Romania using the conclusions of the macro and micro economic studies.
2.4. Construction of recommendations regarding the economic policy in the field.
3. Dissemination of results at academic and professional level.


3.1. Monitoring, elaboration of papers and results dissemination through participation to conferences and workshops (FIAR).

3.2. Submission of two articles for publication.