Year Obiectives Associated activities
2016 1. Evaluation of the differences between the developed and emerging countries from Europe, considering the factors which influence the demand for life insurances. Regional analysis over the influence of the institutional quality over the development of life insurances in those countries. – continues from 2015. 1.1. Formulating hypothesis regarding the heterogeneity of the databases;

Testing the hypothesis using elements of panel econometrics.


2. Identifying the main characteristics of the annuity market (private pension) from Romania and the the state-of-the-art of reform implementation in this field, identifying the main factors which determine the low demand in this sector.




2.1. Formulating the conclusions regarding the present stage and the drawbacks of the reforms initiated in the field of insurance and the multi-pillar pension system.
2.2. Identifying the behavioral factors which determine the low demand for the third pillar from the multi-pillar system and life insurances by studying the literature on this field.
2.3. Establishing the study methodology; Construction and testing of the questionnaire.
3. Analyzing the behavior of the Romanian investors in annuities and life insurances, through statistical survey, considering the behavioral factors, using the econometrics of qualitative variables – to be continued in 2017. 3.1. Implementation of a survey statistically significant at national level and with detailed analyses at regional/county level in Romania, in order to identify behavioural types of private pensions and life insurance consumers.
3.2. Identifying the types of Romanian consumers of private pensions and life insurances by using the econometrics of qualitative variables. (Nlogit 5 software).
4. Dissemination of the results in the academic environment – continues from 2015 and to be continued in 2017. 4.1.Monitoring, elaboration of papers

4.2. Results dissemination through participation to international conferences

4.3. Subscribing two articles for publishing.