Duration (months) Objectives Associated activities
 October 2015 – December 2015

(3 months)







Research – documentation stages.
Identification of the considered characteristics for the database construction
Construction of the database regarding the factors of influence of the life insurance demand in European countries (Heritage Foundations, Insurance Europe).
Validation of the club beta-convergence processes and of the geographical interdependences in Europe using Spatial Econometrics; evaluating the developing markets’ potential and the implications of spatial restructuring taking into account changes in the legal framework.
Project management (necessary equipment), elaboration of papers, results dissemination at conferences, and participation at workshops.

Objectives presented in the research proposal for the first 6 months of the project:

1.1. Evaluating the differences that exist between developed and developing EU member states in terms of the factors that influence the life insurance demand. Regional analysis (using Spatial Econometrics methods) of the influence institutional quality has in life insurance development in these countries.

– see the abstract of the article presented at ICAS (2015).

1.5. Dissemination of results:

– Participation at the 9th International Conference on Applied Economics (ICAS)  in 13 november 2015, Bucharest with the paper SPATIAL ANALYSIS OF THE LIFE INSURANCE MARKET CONVERGENCE IN THE EUROPEAN UNION, Codruta Mare, Dragos Simona Laura, Ingrid Mihaela Dragota, Muresan Gabriela Mihaela.

– Participation in workshop  ”PLS Path Modeling:introduction and applications”, 3-5 november 2015, Cluj Napoca. Sustained by Professor PhD Jorg Henseler – Institute for Management Research, Radboud University Nijmegen, Olanda and Professor PhD Theo Dijkstra – University of Groningen, Olanda.- Dragos Simona si Mare Codruta.